About Us

RKC Third Coast Pre-Professional USL2 & USLW soccer teams 

Important information about us:

Mission statement:
  • To provide an elite pre-professional soccer platform that provides young players a process to progress through the pathway of playing professional soccer in our community.
  • FOR OUR PLAYERS: Providing core values to our youth and young adult players on and off the field including being dedicated to serving our community and training and competing at the highest level of soccer.
  • FOR OUR COMMUNITY: Attract new talent, celebrate diversity, boost civic and community pride, create a magnet for new business development while providing people & resources to current area businesses to help them flourish, all while giving soccer hungry fans the experience they crave and create more fans of the game of soccer.

Benefits for the Community:
  • Provide local, regional, national, and international soccer men’s and women’s players with the opportunity to start on the pathway to playing professional soccer.
  • Build local support by first tapping into those who enjoy watching and playing soccer, to come watch and more importantly be a part of the local soccer franchises. Via clubs, supporter groups, events, etc.
  • Having youth participate during game day events:
o Singing National Anthemso Being ball boys and girlso Half-time performanceso Have kid zone areas before games.o Try to build a connection between youth and players
  • Use the franchises, Pritchard Park, and the surrounding area to bring in community spectators and supporters to the area.
  • Currently working with UW-Parkside to provide internship opportunities for their Sports Management and Marketing programs. Would also like to connect with Gateway in Racine & Kenosha to build a similar program.
  • Create events surrounding the games to bring more and more people into the area even if they are not necessarily directly supporting the clubs by being fans.
▪ 5k Walk/run▪ Arts and Craft Festival▪ Food Trucks▪ Mini festivals that feature local craft beer, food competitions, live music, etc.▪ All County Racine vs Kenosha High School Boys and Girls Soccer Event▪ 3v3/4v4/7v7 mini tournaments – local and regional▪ Provide free soccer camps to community children▪ Open to all other ideas & suggestions
Long term vision:
  • To expand our entities to offer year-round opportunities for our players, our fans, and our community partners. To continually work to find ways to showcase the best of Racine County & Kenosha County to the world.