Name The Club

Choose Our Final Name

Thank you for the many awesome and creative suggestions submitted online.  We loved so many of them, it was hard to choose our favorites for you to vote on!

Through the process of getting up and running, we have had a tremendous amount of support for the "RKC" portion of our temporary name. As such, we have decided to include that in each of the choices below. 

Submit your choices on the form below but first, introducing the choices and the meaning behind each name. We will announce who submitted each of the suggestions once voting is complete. Voting ends on Tuesday, February 28

In no particular order:

Port Cities RKC - The original name for Kenosha was Southport and the original name for Racine was Port Gilbert. Each city has a long and rich maritime history and in a nod to that commonality, Port Cities was suggested to represent one team for two cities to come together and support. RKC was chosen as a way to represent the two counties and the cities and towns that populate the rural countryside portion of each county. Together Port Cities RKC represents all of those in the region and allow each to feel ownership and a connection to the club.

RKC Third Coast - RKC was once again included to allow for those throughout the county and region to feel a connection and sense of ownership to the club. "Third Coast" often refers to the coasts of the Great Lakes.  We have some of the best in Racine and Kenosha!  People from both cities rely on the water from our great lake, they enjoy many waterfront activities and Third Coast is a means to recognize this feature important to both cities as well as the region.

RKC Soccer Club - As one of our signees stated when being recruited to play for us, "is that the name, that's an awesome one". While chosen as a temporary name, much affinity has been growing for it. RKC is meant to represent those in the cities of Racine and Kenosha but also in the counties.

RKC Athletic - Once again, RKC is chosen to allow for representation of both cities and the counties in which support has been great. Athletic was suggested to represent the serious athletes that play for us. It is a representation of their commitment to hard work, the sacrifice of their time, their phenomenal athleticism, and top level skill displayed on the field.